Microbial Investigations

During a property purchase, facility construction, maintenance or refurbishment, we can help you investigate and design programs to prevent or repair damage from water intrusion.  We know how to address the impacts from water intrusion, a precursor to mold; as well as microbial contaminants and bacteria in water-damaged walls, floors, ceilings and HVAC systems or Volatile Organic Compounds produced by microbes. We have completed many mold and bacterial investigations for architects, contractors, developers, insurers, investors, and homeowner’s across the mid-Atlantic.

Whether your project involves a multi-story commercial office structure, shopping mall, convention center, hotel/resort, stadium, academic or even a home residence, we can help you avoid and/or address the impacts of water intrusion before or after it occurs.  When contaminants are suspected from property damage, our staff of professionals stands ready to help.  We can identify and analyze the potential mold and bacteria, help prepare a remediation plan, a contractor bid package and even monitor the project during and after mitigation.