Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)/"Sick Building" Syndrome Investigations

Over the past several years, health complaints associated with indoor air quality have been reported with increasing frequency. Energy conservation efforts, construction activities, building materials, and HVAC system design and operation are among the many building-related factors that affect indoor air quality.

Building owners and managers are often confused by a lack of indoor air quality regulations or specific guidelines for addressing or managing indoor air quality issues. Keystone Environmental, Health, & Safety Services, Inc. combines the best science available with real-world experience and works closely with architects, engineers, building managers, and home owners to develop optimum indoor air quality solutions. Indoor air quality considerations include but are not limited to:

  • Office & consumer products

    • Cleaning chemicals

    • Copiers & printers

    • Solvent-based markers

  • Fungal & bacterial contamination

    • Water intrusion

    • Carpeting

    • HVAC system insulation

    • Ceiling tiles

    • Airborne concentrations

  • Building ventilation

    • HVAC system design & operation

    • HVAC system maintenance

  • Construction & renovation activities

    • Materials used

    • Air contaminant migration

    • Impact on HVAC system operation